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technobears thumbnail
technobears This album is just a lot of fun. I really like the arrangements and I am still addicted to the songs "Daddy," "1983" and "Stohner." Highly recommend. Favorite track: Daddy.
TylerTheCornball thumbnail
TylerTheCornball The vocals are pillowy and the instrumentation is immaculate. This album is bold, brave, and so fucking good. The chemistry here is amazing. Favorite track: Baby, You’re My Everything.
Chal thumbnail
Chal This album, or at least the half that's currently available so far, is something special. The guitar and vocals alternate between the electric touch of a tryst and the soft caress of a Sunday morning. You can hear the love between Roddy and and Joey on each track so effortlessly.
Bravo, you two. I eagerly look forward to the full album release.
It just got better with the full release. 100% recommend. Favorite track: Please Be Friends.
jesu82 thumbnail
jesu82 look M.O.M. those two guys are holding hands is it disgusting? It may be to you but they love each other so why not hold hands. They also rock, so who gives a fuck 🤘🤘🤘.
brooklynboy thumbnail
brooklynboy What a wonderful, tuneful, hook-filled album. That it's all centered on queer love just gives it an extra oomph. Songs that go from light and shimmering to loud and rocking, this has everything you need for your listening pleasure. The entire album is pop-tastic and very sexy with songs that make you dance and take your breath away with their beauty and truth.
So great to see/hear two hot bears in love, visible, proud and unabashed, who then back it all up with such fantastic music.
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Stohner 06:01 video
I like it when you’re driving 
And it’s nighttime and it feels so right 
I like it when you drive It feels so right with you by my side I cut it with the clippers
 I should’ve used the scissors And now the truth is mister 
It’s short, oh so short
 What’s underneath the beard is
 The only part that’s weird is
 Your face there in the mirror is forlorn But it feels so right with you by my side
Daddy 05:08
I took a ride to your house 
I pulled your shorts down 
I knelt before my swelling king 
I took in everything He took a ride to my house
 He pulled my shorts down 
He knelt before his swelling king 
He took it everything 
I gave him everything Rode over on another day 
I couldn’t get enough 
Your a/c it went away
 So I showed you my stuff Daddy can we keep it? Promise that you’ll feed it? 
If we get sick of then we’ll take it to the zoo Wasn’t like it was a recipe
 No set place or time
 He clearly got the best of me 
I am yours you are mine The 21st was on a saturday Almost four months in 
Took a truck to cal-i-for-ni-a 
Just fuckin’ quarantinin’ Ooh, fleet fleet ooh
Come along, it’s okay 
It’s so fun to be gay Birds do it, bees do it We do it too
Beach House 03:38
Go take another walk
 Clear your head, it’s not your fault I’m saying things I shouldn’t say 
This isn’t what we meant
 When we said we wanted to spend Some more time on the west coast Come what may come our way We’re counting the seconds now Sloppiness is coming out
 But we like to keep this beach house clean Stressed out and stuck in 
Now we need some distance
 But our love will see forever days I went into the ocean and I figured it out
1983 03:33 video
I was frowning down the promenade
 And then I got to thinking about sucking you off
 Then I texted you a line, 
“When is a good time?”
 You know sucking really makes me feel good 
It’s just that when we’re fucking 
I feel more understood So let’s just keep an open mind How we use our time So pleased to meet you Oh yeah?
 Where can I reach you? OK Let’s take another trip 
Let’s go back again
 See how far we get
From on high, from below
 The light shines, the light glows It’s a sign, this we know Look at what the lord dragged in Blessed prose and perfect skin Brother, lover, next of kin
 Baby, you’re my everything From on high, from on low 
It’s a sign, this we know Whispers soft and deafening
 This majestic reckoning 
Praise and glory to my king 
Baby, you’re my everything
 More than summer, fall, or spring 
 Anyone or anything 
 Middle finger, take my ring 
Baby, you’re my everything Angels we have heard on high But our love’s higher
Let’s just take the stairs boy 
Take two at a time
 Yeah, fuck the elevator 
I don’t mind the climb Just a bed in a room
 Is it safe to assume That we’re here for the long haul until The worst of it is over 
And everything’s just fine Look ahead at all the possibilities Living to the best of our abilities Windows open yes to visibility One, two, three, four, fah 
 Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah The deal was final sale, boy 
It said so on the sign 
I ain’t lookin’ for a refund 
I know that you’re mine Is safe to assume that we stay 
In this room till the end of time? We’re still here
Lover 04:36
I don’t mind the weight of
 Any part of your body on mine 
I don’t care what you say to yourself 
I think you’re doing alright
 You’re fine You would make a perfect husband 
A companion, in private and in public You’re the song I’m thinking of 
In the morning, through the night You’re mine
Kardashian, so last season 
I’ve been feeling blue
 Nothing’s dropping, no more shopping 
Locked up, shut in too I’ll make you so proud of me Black and blue stop doubting me 
I hear you, stop shouting so loud I look back At all the people out in front of me And it feels like 
Everybody’s making fun of me 
And it comes down
 To who’s my friend and who’s my enemy Please be friends With my iPhone
 Really i don’t mean to step on toes 
Done unpacking, still I’m lacking Boasting, bragging, both I’ll make you so proud of me 
Black and blue stop doubting me I hear you, stop shouting so loud I look back
 At all the people out in front of me And it feels like
 Everybody’s making fun of me
 And it comes down
 To who’s my friend and who’s my enemy Please be friends
 There’s still time 
For all of us to get ahead of this
 And it’s still like
I don’t want to be a pessimist
 So let’s still try 
For all of us to make the best of this Please be friends
Kamikaze 03:03
Driving down 40 west
 Kamikaze crop duster better keep his distance 
He don’t wanna catch from us
 What we’ve been running from
 I’ve been thinking, you’ve been thinking
 Is this virus worse than the disease? Everything, everything, everything will end 
This anxiety 
Everything, everything, everything will end Come thou fount
 Come thou fount
 Of every blessing 
I’m not asking, I’m telling, not asking Come thou fount of every blessing Every blessing
It Floated 03:49
That round thing what’s it for Picked it up off the floor 
I dropped it then it came
 Right back to where it was before I threw it at the wall And rolled it down the hall 
I tossed it carefully to you You threw it back to me There was a pond in which
 I’d stand beside and pitch
 Just heavy things i’d find along its shore Like rocks and bricks 
I threw this new thing
 I held my breath and when 
It fell it stayed on top 
Where other things had sunken in 
It floated Don’t know what day it is 
There’s still no shaking this 
The gist of what I’m saying is 
This heaviness will lift But as the time goes by 
I kind of realize
 That heavy is as heavy does As heavy multiplies We floated


Two bodies dancing hot in the New York City winter before being pushed inside for the rest of 2020. Two hearts that, in the span of 6 months, faced the loss of both of their mothers, the matriarchs that bore them to this planet full of wonder. They held on tight to the beauty of living, together. With this shared language and the confines of quarantine they lost and loved even harder. Battling packed boxes and lost jobs, the two celebrated their tragic journey with broad shoulders forcing power chords and the harmonized chants of utter release. They huddled together for the future while leaking their hearts into pop melodies that collide effortlessly with both a shared melancholy and simultaneous hope.

MAN ON MAN (also M.O.M.) is a new gay lover band made up of Joey Holman (HOLMAN) and Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, CRICKETS, Nastie Band). Their upcoming self-titled record, MAN ON MAN, is infused with indie-rock distortion and soaked in gay pop confidence while still maintaining the dry acerbic sense of humor they both share. M.O.M.'s music videos take their magical collaboration to another level with otherworldly cinematographic dimension, and of course, the subversive playfulness of two gay lovers unmistakably flirting with their audience and each other. Upon the release of their debut single, “Daddy”, their video (chock full of the pair dancing seductively in their white briefs) was removed from YouTube for violating their “sex and nudity policy.” At this moment, the band solidified their political visibility as queer artists who are not ok with being silenced or removed from history because of their age or size. Bottum told Rolling Stone, “There’s enough representation in the gay community of young, hairless pretty men." Roddy and Joey’s love for each other and their own bodies, histories, and truths are what make this project so tender and lovable.

MAN ON MAN’s music transcends both genre or decade, creating a timeless appeal for so many kinds of listening. The varied influences and textures of the record are a meditation on the myriad of emotions of lockdown, as well as this particular moment in their own lives, collectively and independently. The shoegaze whirlpools of “Stohner” transition into the square wave synths of “1983” with ease, while tracks like “It’s So Fun (To Be Gay)” open us up to a new type of queer anthem for the 2020s.

It is hard not to be captivated with MAN ON MAN’s story, as they pass through pandemic lockdowns in a rented pickup truck. Through hotels, rest stops, mountaintops, desert mirages, back roads, beaches, and hospital rooms, the layering of space and time allows us to grasp onto each moment individually and together as a whole. When we fall into their world (which was self-produced with mix support by Grammy-award winning producer Carlos de la Garza [M83, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World] and Mike Vernon Davis [Foxing, Great Grandpa]), we witness MAN ON MAN’s deep intensity of falling in love while mourning, and the epic collaboration of two lovers that traverse the map of a COVID road trip.

MAN ON MAN is more than a band, it is a partnership of two beautiful queers who are committed to creating a language that is both musical and visual, and that transcends what we know of gay music at exactly the cultural moment we need them. As individuals, lovers, sons, community pillars, and human beings, M.O.M. are a womb to be reckoned with.


released May 7, 2021


all rights reserved



MAN ON MAN New York, New York

MAN ON MAN (M.O.M.) is a project started by boyfriends, Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman. It’s a collection of songs written and recorded in quarantine in Oxnard, California where the couple drove to from their home base of NYC at the onset of the virus. The songs deal with love, separation, fear, and isolation in the face of COVID-19.

MAN ON MAN is bold and sexual by nature - romantic & optimistic.
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